Johnny’s of Carrboro – THE locavore’s Gro Sto

Hot off the facebook press! Tonight at Johnny’s you can enjoy the following:

$3 off select wines and $2 Southampton Double Whites! Plus, Chicken Bridge will be making naan right on the grill and covering it in green onions and fresh cow cheese!

Johnny’s of Carrboro sort of defines what Carrboro in 2010 is all about for me.  For those of you unfamiliar with J of C, it’s a food and booze shop in the back of a bodega located in a small white Carrboro mill house at 901 West Main Street. Both food and booze offerings are limited, but there is a well curated selection. If you’re feeling like a snack, you can count on finding a selection of  Loco Pops, those fancy popsicles in flavors like Mexican Chocolate, Mojito, and Mango Chile, as well as baked goods from Guglhupf in Durham.

This is the locavore’s grocery store.  In addition to the standards above, J of C offers an evening farmer’s market on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, a taco truck on Thursdays and Fridays, and a crepe truck on Saturdays so you can pick up that savory ham and mushroom crepe while you peruse the early morning Saturday farmer’s market in the J of C back lot. Rotating snackie specials include awesome grilled things from local food artisans like the special above from Chicken Bridge (seriously, when was the last time you had fresh naan?), as well as other cool stuff like grilled pizza. You and I BOTH know that everything tastes better on the grill. And everything also tastes better with cheap booze! The $3 off select wines is a great deal because this applies to their bottles, which are already priced between $10-$20.Okay, so the wine isn’t necessarily local, but I’m cool with that.

If all these delights weren’t enough to draw you into their locavore web, they also offer bingo on Wednesday nights at 7pm. I’m all over that.

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2 Responses to Johnny’s of Carrboro – THE locavore’s Gro Sto

  1. Rachel says:

    *Love* Johnny’s – they had a great shrimp boil night last summer and am looking forward to a taco truck meal sometime soon…

  2. you’re killin me! It’s dinnertime, I haven’t made anything yet, and I must be subjected to the idea of freshly grilled naan WITH CHEESE! did you try it?? I’m a-droolin…

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